Salacca / Snakefruit

Salacca / Snakeskin fruit, gained it’s name from it’s outer appearance resembling a snake’s skin texture. Our product, Salak Pondoh is a specially cultivated type of Salacca in the province of Central Java with the special taste as well as the freshness compared to other Salacca that is being cultivated and grown outside this area. It’s grown within the foot of Mt. Merapi, a famous volcanic region in Sleman which makes a very suitable growing condition. With a shape resembling a large garlic clove, it has a uniquely slight sweet – acidic taste which are loved by consumers around the world. Specially for Salak Pondoh, it has an apple like texture, dry and crumbly. It is available throughout the calendar year but it’s peak harvest would be from December – April. This type of Salacca is native to Indonesia and the taste is very different from other types of Salacca that you may find in other regions / countries.



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